• Carolann Elise Bonner

    Designing products that make a difficult task easier to accomplish.

    Born and raised in Oklahoma, currently working out of Dallas, TX. Studied design in school, fine art focus of drawing. I'm a designer who cares equally about how something works and how visuals impact the user.

  • Axel Wyart

    Freelance graphic designer / typography eater

  • Jogo

    Design Studio

    We are a design studio based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We believe that design can transform our reality, improving our quality of life, so we listen to our clients and we conceive every project as unique and a challenge. Our expertise in branding, webdesign, motion graphics and mobile apps,...

  • Ivan Manolov

    I design things that work on every level.

    Ivan graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is happy to report that he has yet to work a day in his professional life as an engineer, although his analytical left brain and dizzying formal design savvy have surely benefited from such. Ivan draws from a diverse background...

  • tie a tie

    Logo Design Agency

  • André Filipe Simões Martins

    Graphic Designer

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by Born and raised in the sunny surroundings of Lisbon, I graduated from IADE, Creative University in 2009 after undertaking arts in highschool and became a fencing athlete. In 2011 I Post graduated in Visual Culture, IADE and at...

  • Alex Kirhenstein

    Logo designer, corporate identity designer and web designer.

    I’m a graphic designer and everyday inspiration seeker who specializes in logo design, corporate identity and website design. MY PHILOSOPHY.
 To create high quality works with my clients within a friendly and collaborative approach. MY GOAL.

  • Whitney Ewen

    architect-turned-graphic designer . diy enthusiast . letterpress printer // fueled by wanderlust

  • Adam Rozmus

    My name is Adam and I'm Graphic Designer. I specialize in Web design and Branding. I always pay attention on details no matter what type of project I'm involved in. I can't wait to hear about your project.

  • Emanuel Alexandre Ventura Barreira

    Graphic Designer & Sign Painter, from Lisbon — Portugal

    I am a graphic designer and an sign painter from Lisbon, Portugal. From typography, lettering, branding, book design, and culminating with sign painting, I’m obsessed with letterforms.