• Diana Lopez

    I design websites and interfaces for online businesses.

    I am a web & UI/UX design freelancer in Los Angeles, California. What keeps me going is my six pet birds and lots of coffee. I have 5 years experience in building effective websites. I focus on making great experiences for your visitors, creating a strong brand for your...

  • Sebastian Melchor Hedman

    One day when I was still in elementary school my dad showed me Photoshop, back then I didn't understand much of it, a few years later he got me my first graphics tablet. Today I know Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Suite like the back...

  • Sarah Evans

    I'm a Freelance Web Designer

    I specialise in User Interfaces, Responsive Web Design and Front-end Development. I have a degree in Multimedia Design and began my career as an online designer for the UK’s leading computer games retailer. I then moved onto work for both Digital and Advertising agencies, before recently becoming a full-time...

  • Roberto Funk Forward

    Versatile and classic-but-modern graphic design.

    Hi! My name is Roberto Cuña, although some people know me as Funkforward, the name I've used for the last few years as graphic designer. I specialize in typographical, editorial and identity design, and also do web design in conjunction with some programmer colleagues when it's required. ...

  • Robert Hapiuc

    I design websites & WordPress themes

    I start designing websites 5 years ago. Over the time i got experience with HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery, User Interface Design, WordPress and Ghost.

  • Alistair Porter

    Multimedia design. Friendly service. Amazing results.

    Hi, my name is Ali. I am a designer based in Chicago. I can help you make your projects come to life. I specialize in working with start-ups and small organizations. I work with the awesome people at,,,, and many more. Here...

  • Mathieu Mayer-Mazzoli

    Interface Designer. Gamer. Into noodles a bit too much.

    At 26, I left a nice agency job and started to build my first websites. I've been enjoying every single minute of my time since then. I'm now a 27 years old maker and I finally know what I'd like to be doing for the rest of my life....

  • Lauren Bearpark

    I am a Freelance Mobile UX/UI Designer and owner of Bear Square Ltd. I love photography apps and old vintage tins.

    I've worked as a mobile UX & Visual Designer for over five years, creating user interfaces for large clients to smaller start-ups. I specialise in designing apps on iOS and Android for mobile and tablet devices.

  • Karl Goldstraw

    Digital designer & front end developer

    Hello, I'm a designer and front end developer. I mostly design and develop all of my websites using HTML, CSS and CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) for content management. I'm a nice guy and I don't talk jargon. I can design websites that work really well because I understandaccessibility, UI...

  • Chris Borrowdale

    Designer & Front-End Developer

    Hi! I'm Chris Borrowdale a front-end designer and developer working in London, UK. I'm a designer and front-end developer originally from Newcastle in the North-East of England but now living and working in London. I started out writing predominately HTML and CSS back...