Life’s Too Short To Wait for Clients To Find Your Blog Posts

Let's be real. Your agency doesn't exist to search for new leads all day. Your time is valuable. It's best spent on billable work. But lead generation isn't going to happen on it's own. How will you make sure your agency finds new clients tomorrow, next week, and next month?

You already know sending more proposals should be your #1 priority if you want to grow your agency.

A few years ago I surveyed 500+ agency owners and asked two questions: “What do you do when you run out of work?” and “How much money do you make?” Their answers were fascinating.  Agencies that consciously prioritized pitching new clients made almost 2.5× more than those who sat and waited.

Yet... only a tiny fraction (1 in 10) actually did it! 

My question to you is: are you taking advantage of this #1 growth lever for your agency? Imagine reaching out to dream clients each week no matter how busy you were. 

How much more revenue would your agency make this year? Double? Triple?


A Calm Guaranteed Way To Get Clients

Here's the truth. Finding clients yourself is too expensive. Hiring a sales person, doing outbound in-house, or hiring a VA all cost upwards of $2,000+ per month. That's a high price. Yet, you aren't guaranteed results. I have a better option for you.

No more paying high sales commissions or digging through RFP sites for hours. No more sitting and waiting for referrals. No more investing thousands of dollars in content marketing or ads and praying you'll get a client from it all. 

With Folyo, we'll go out and find you the 500+ best website design and development RFP leads each year. Guaranteed. By signing up today, you'll get instant access to millions of dollars worth of agency client work in minutes. It all costs less than $5.00 per day.

Totally a no-brainer for most agencies. – Ruben Gamez, Bidsketch

You Get 500+ Website Design and Development RFPs (Requests for Proposals) That...

Have a $20,000+ Budget

Your time is valuable. Don't waste it with clients that can't pay industry rates. Every website redesign RFP inside has a minimum budget of $20,000 for website redesign projects.

Are Written by a Great Organization to Partner With

The reputation of your agency is too important to risk working with scammy-looking companies. Every website redesign RFP inside has worthy cause and a reputable organization behind it.

Have Enough Time to Put Together an Awesome Proposal (2+ Weeks)

The best proposals take time to create. A project's requirements take time to digest and become a great pitch. Every website redesign RFP inside has a proposal deadline that's a minimum of 2-4 weeks out.

Have Reasonable Expectations and Requirements

Overly prescriptive 60+ page RFPs result in bad work and an even worse experience. Every website redesign RFP inside has reasonable expectations that are in line with industry standards and the given budget.

Plus, You'll Also Get:

NEW FOR 2024!

The Double Your Agency Rate Bootcamp (Worth $197)

1-Hour Training Program

The Double Your Agency Rate Bootcamp is a one hour training program on how to send more persuasive proposals in less time. We cover questions like: "How should my agency pitch RFPs?" and "How do I make my proposals more persuasive?" as well as looking at real agency proposals and how they can improve.

Bonus: $500 in free premium agency software

You get $500 in credits to the best proposal and best time-tracking software on the web, Bidsketch & Noko – guaranteed to save you thousands in billable hours each month.

Bonus #2: Response-optimized agency templates

You get an exclusive bonus training program with audio, video, tips, strategies and email templates from successful  agencies (worth $200+). Only available for subscribers of this service.

Bonus #3: Proposal and outreach strategy optimization

See a lead you want to reply to but don't know what to say? Reply to any email and we will personally help you optimize the response rate on your emails and proposals. Worth over $500 per month.

But wait...

Aren't we going to be competing with a ton of other agencies?

No. Folyo is a tiny, premium, lead generation service that works with a very small number of customers. We keep our prices high, in order to have very few, high quality customers. Most of our customers respond to our RFPs when they're out of work, so most projects we find ONLY get clicked on by handful of members (according to email click rates: that's about 3-5 agencies per lead). In fact, according to industry averages, the average RFP only receives four completed vendor responses total. 45% receive 3 or fewer vendor submissions. So every RFP inside Folyo is low-competition and searching for an agency like yours right now.

When can I get access to the RFPs?

As soon as you join, you'll get instant access to all of the premium leads inside the program for as long as your subscription is active. Each week we'll also send you a ton of supplemental material to make sure you're getting started on the right foot.

We're outside the US. Is that a problem?

Folyo is best suited for agencies in the US or who want to work with organizations in the US. While agencies from all over the world have used my leads program to win US-based clients, I recommend my lead generation course if you're not looking for US-based web design and development clients.

What type and how many opportunities will I receive?

The exact number depends on how many great clients post a project that week, and which plan you sign up for. On average we send 500+ premium RFPs each year for the agency all-access plan. No matter what plan you sign up for, you'll have a guaranteed baseline level of lead activity, no matter what.

What if I don't want yet another thing on my to-do list?

The last thing you need is another thing on your to-do list. Our program is NOT another job site you have to manage and find extra time for. Instead it's a replacement for about 10 activities that you will no longer have to do. No more prospecting, lead nurturing, RFP reviews, etc. Sign up and start sending proposals.

How fast will this work?

It varies. Some agencies land a client in their first month, others take 6+ months before they see a new client, however, 99% of people who send proposals to these leads consistently see results. Winning just one project pays for your subscription for life.

“Folyo put money in the bank...”

"As an agency owner there are always going to be ebbs and flows. But landing this project helps us better plan for the future. This is a six-figure contract. It's by far the biggest project we’ve landed. And that’s really helped us calm the stress. I can definitely say without having access to this project we’d still be in the same place we were a few years ago. Pretty incredible. The biggest part that I was surprised about was that they’d only received 6 proposals. I attribute that to your system. For a team of 3 this will allow us to grow. It’s going to pay our salaries and put money in the bank." – Joey Kirk, Made by Munsters

"Whenever a reader or customer of mine asks for help with getting clients quickly, I immediately point them here. Robert has generated over $2 million in client revenue via a rapid-results outreach and lead acquisition system that he's refined over 7+ years.  No one knows more about winning design and development contracts using Job Sites, LinkedIn, Slack communities, and RFP (or tender) directories. So start here if you’re looking for quick results getting agency or freelance clients."
– Brennan Dunn, Double Your Freelancing

"I like to focus on projects that are particularly interesting to me, and fit my skill set well so I was reluctant to sign up at first. But amongst the work I scored from the newsletter last year were two projects that have now blossomed into amazing client relationships and tens of thousands of dollars… with no end in sight. I was really on the fence about signing up (and freelancing in general), but I’ve gotten over my imposter-syndrome at this point and realize I can compete and score some of these great leads. I’m crushing it – well into 6 figures in revenues this year, and exceeding my “projections” by like 50% (absurd!)."
– Corey Tiani, pointpxl

"My clients were always my priority but when I had too much client work, I neglected sales activities and my pipeline suffered. Since starting with your Leads service, I've had an unbroken chain of daily lead generation activity no matter what. I use my inbox as a to-do list and every week that leads email is a convenient reminder to get selling."
–Kurt Elster, Ethercycle

"I signed up about 2 months ago when I decided to move away from my full time job and transition into freelancing. I put together a simple portfolio and replied to 2-3 ads per day consistently. After a month I had made over $3000 off of the leads and also got offered a full-time contract ($100,000/year roughly). That’s a bigger return than I ever expected."
– Milosz Falinksi, Lumi Design

"At first I was worried about the lead quality and quantity. If the leads weren’t a good match for my services or there wasn’t enough of them then the service wouldn’t have worked for me. Once I figured out my process it made it easy to compliment my own lead generation process. The best thing about the newsletter is that it runs on email so it’s easy to process, archive, or save. If I get busy I can leave it alone until I have time for it. In less than a year I’ve won close to $65,000 in projects from this newsletter alone. All of them have become repeat clients who I expect would be buying additional services over the next few years."
– Eric Davis, Little Stream Software

You’re 100% Protected by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't see results or you simply change your mind within 30 days of registration, request a full refund.  That's enough time to get an in-depth look at every premium Website Design RFP inside Folyo. There is absolutely no risk. Land a client first and THEN decide if it’s right for you.

Try Folyo Today

Get 500+ handpicked RFPs from high-quality organizations looking to redesign their website in the next few weeks. Delivered to your inbox. Every week.

Why you should sign up now

It's a myth dry spells must be a part of life. They happen because we're too busy to do the most important task in our business: meet new clients. That's why right now is the absolute best time to join. You can guarantee your agency will have an unbroken chain of lead generation activity no matter what, by signing up right now. You won't see this offer again. And landing just ONE projects pays for Folyo for life. For a limited time, the doors are open for you. I hope you will join. Now is the time.  See you inside!