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We're looking for a full stack developer to renovate or start from scratch to complete customized residential real estate website similar to RedFin, Zillow, Realtor.com etc...

10306084 236435713220031 3914549530188306252 n Scott Li, RealtyTopia

I am trying to complete the website for my real estate brokerage, RealtyTopia. Currently if you go to www.realtytopia.com, you'll see a finished product from an overseas Indian development company. However it is far from working the way I would like for it to work. I need a full stack developer that can build out the remaining front-end as well as back-end specifications I need. Some of the backend functions include a CRM with email drip campaign feature. For a lack of a better way to say it, essentially I would like for RealtyTopia to be very RedFin-esque. I can discuss more in detail with the developer. I am willing to start the project from scratch if that is recommended after hearing out the features I would like implemented.

every page including the search for homes pages loading smoothly, everything working bug-free, very little issues based on the features that were discussed initially

We think this project should cost around $10000-15000.

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