A futuristic jewelry design project that includes the need for 3D modeling. Emphasis placed on sneaker design language.

Signature monty, Monty Crystal

I am currently in need of a 3D model to have send to Shapeways (the 3D printing company). The product is a blend of hip-hop roots and jewelry's luster and innate aesthetic. Im using big words to basically say that I want to create some bracelets that will accompany the sneaker culture seamlessly. Various fabrics, precious stones and metal. All bundled into a beautiful form factor that is drool worthy yet obnoxiously hip-hop.

Wow factor when viewed. Because there is no product like it, the wow-factor can easily be achieved if this project is met with the right designer and with me as the visionary...we need a wow. Whether or not it elicits the, "wow, I wouldn't wear it!" or "wow, I love it."

We think this project should cost around $500.

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