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Photorealistic rendering of Foods into the shape of words

Meltyicecreamcone Jordan Schuster, Snacktually


• (QTY: 1 - 3) 3D &/or Motion Graphic featuring the brand name “Snacktually” fashioned out of foods and product packaging • Below the graphic we’ll feature a simple bold message “Let’s make something.”


Mock Up:

DEADLINE: 3/1/17


• Review this RFP • Submit your portfolio to: with the subject 3D/MOTION GRAPHICS • (Optional) Include sketches of your rough vision


Snacktually releases payments via direct deposit or Paypal on the last Monday of each month.

Hourly Billing: Hours must be submitted weekly to be approved by the Snacktually team via the Time Tracking App MyHours (

Flat-Rate Billing: Terms TBD on a project by project basis.

*** CONTEXT ***

The image you create will appear at the top of our new website. Please keep reading for reference and context.


• 3D &/or Motion Graphic front and center spelling our brand name “Snacktually” in tantalizing food elements • Simple, bold message below “Let’s make something.” • Contact form


Snacktually Inc. ( is a boutique consultancy lead by veterans of the CPG industry serving primarily packaged food, restaurant, legal cannabis and other consumer product companies in the Bay Area and greater California. The core of our clients are start-ups and businesses with 0-5 years operational history and revenues of $0 - $5MM. Our work typically falls under the following categories:

75% of our Revenue: • Product Development • Manufacturing Design • Contract Manufacturing Logistics

25% of our Revenue: • Brand Design • Package Design • Ecommerce Design • SEO/SEM • Digital Marketing • Launch Marketing

It is our intention to use digital marketing to invite new business on all sides of our service base making a special effort to expand the design/ecommerce/marketing side of our business dramatically through 2017.


The general strategy for the next iteration of is to provide a simple 1 page pitch to contact us about our services and/or sign up on our email list. We will be experimenting with Facebook Ad campaigns targeting potential clients in the following categories:

• Consumer Product Development • Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategies for food-based businesses • Product Development and Marketing for legal Cannabis businesses • Launch Marketing for start-ups and new products

The site will need to make a simple and bold statement (with some visual pinache) that we are the go-to service provider in the field and we are excited to take on your business needs. Our target traffic will be coming from CEOs, Owners, and Marketing agents in the business sectors we serve.

We need the site to be simple, yet visually spectacular, without being cluttered with imagery We must relate that we are stylish, competent, and focused We wish to also relate a sense of humor


For this site build we have identified the following websites for inspiration regarding the visual/graphic style, general site layout, responsive elements, and story telling/sales funnel. Ultimately we want our site to feel on par with the level of design and personality featured on these sites:

Additionally, here is a mood board with food/art images that approach the visual sentiment we want to achieve:

Make our name look good enough to eat.

We think this project should cost around $1500.

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