We're looking to redesign the frontpage of our mobile app and are looking for a free lancer who would draw a woman for our cover.

Patricia Patricia Milz, Lady Cycle

We are looking for an illustrator who specializes in drawing humans. We need the drawing of a woman for the cover of our mobile app. Our app is concerned with natural family planning and we are doing a major re-design. The painting of the woman will be central to the new looks of our app.

The woman drawing should match well with our front page background (green nature, background). With regard to position and drawing style we were thinking of a woman similar to this one: http://peachysticks.deviantart.com/art/Ice-Wind-1-17335110

However, she should be more contemporarily dressed and be appealing to our target group(18-45 women that are interested in natural family planning).

We need the drawing of the same woman in three states (fertile, highly fertile, infertile for example expressed by the colors of her dress or other feature). We also need the drawing of that same woman in a pregnant state and breast feeding. The app changes the looks of the woman depending on the state of the user.

We are a small team of three young people and are looking forward to your application! Feel free to contact us should you need more information.

Making the cover of our app more appealing to attract more users.

We think this project should cost around $600.