We're wont redisign our web site and logotipe and need help and fresh ideas.

2016 02 12 04.36.15 Aleksandr, Dreamtour

hi! First of all I want to say thank you for your attention to the project! We are launching a complete rebranding and repackaging of our project, and we need a designer on a permanent or on a piece-work. First of all, we certainly want to find people who are imbued with the idea of who we are as fond of traveling music and come to work with the soul and the maximum involvement. Therefore, to tell you a little bit about us: Our company is engaged initially only event tourism namely music festivals and binding brand has been associated with this theme. Then, under the brand of classic tourism it was created. At this stage, our task is to unite under a new brand all of our destinations and develop it, namely: -Tour to electronic music festivals around the world -tur rock festivals around the world -Tour to festivals and interesting events in the world -Tour to interesting places and unique routes -mountain-skiing tours -Individual and unique programs to order -Tour on Russia for participants from around the world -Intelligent interactive tours of Russia and the world -Meetings in Moscow and other cities to explore and cohesion Due to all this, the creation of a friendly community with people of different interests active position for dialogue, learning languages, traveling together and relax. There are a number of social ideas to help disabled people to attend events and travel, to give the opportunity to the poor around the world. such as inviting a foreigner to us, or take a tour with someone who is very steep positive and good but there is no money and the opportunity to travel. Help the animals and work with shelters, moral education of young people, to show how you can relax without alcohol drugs and other muck. Show the value of live communication and to pull people from the social. networks. Presumably the new name will be fully consistent with our legal name "Dream Tour": "DreamTour" - # embodyingadream / "Dream" - travel studio Our function is no longer similar to the agency's tour manager and the director, to create each tour as a new movie with a unique history (romantic, adventure, horror, comedy, etc.) and a carrier for the idea and the concept, filled with interactive and full involvement of people in a trip. Our client - is not indifferent and active modern motivated people successful and charged on the development and discovery for yourself constantly something new. Age from 20 to 45. And the new logo should fully reflect our uniqueness and specificity of activity and at the same time be close to the consumer so much that he would be happy to carry souvenirs with him.

Thats way we need new design and new logo. Old web site dance-people.com

Thank you once again for your attention to our project! We are waiting for our people!

We need people who love travel adventure and music. we think to understend that we need amd how we shell looks its wery important.

We think this project should cost around $500.

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