Web App Developer based in Austria wanted! (business running in Austria is mandatory due to official funding terms and restrictions)

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Project: Transfer of gastronomy know-how onto mobile devices Functions: User generated content from a databank, category filters, geo-tagging, route planner

We are building a mobile restaurant and bar-finder with geo-tagging and route planner. The concept- and design- (UI) phase is already completed. We need to build a proper working version of our mobile app (web-app preferred). The app includes geo-locating and needs to work with a sophisticated database system and a back end for personalized user input.

The project needs to be build up from scratch and you are free to choose the Application Development System you think would work best for our purpose.

Building a running Version of our MVP which is in test Phase, generate traffic and gain users

We think this project should cost around $5000.

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