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We are looking to redesign our travel-guide website's brand identity and are looking for a designer with branding experience to develop a new visual identity.

Marcial 2 marcial, OBQ

We started our travel-guide website as a quick prototype to test the market and get validation. We did this in in one country, with a brand specific to the country. However as this is a tiny market full in recession, we decided we need to widen the focus to the whole region. Thus we need a new brand identity that reflects our mission and is relevant for the whole region we want to operate in.

We are specifically looking for:

We do not need stationary, letter-heads and business cards. We are still in prototype stage and want to have a strong base to build on in the future.

A strong visual identity which is very recognizable and memorable and which evokes experiences and places that are off the beaten path. In other words, we want to publish information about unique and authentic places to people who like traveling offbeat and want to avoid the mainstream and our new logo should transport this very well.

We think this project should cost around $500+.

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