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Nikhil Paul
T3 Interactive

Help create and execute a design vision for a public...

Make the average person log in twice a week to better their communication skills.

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Grace Mehrabe
Lemon Learning

We're looking to redesign our website, and are looki...

Main goal : to explain better what we do in an attractive way so that visitors turn into customers :-)

Ocsi logo final

Melanie Lee

Looking for a Visual Designer to work in Plano TX. T...

bridging the gap while current designer is on leave


Monty Crystal

A futuristic jewelry design project that includes th...

Wow factor when viewed. Because there is no product like it, the wow-factor can easily be achieved if this proje...

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You care about your independence.
Unlike most platforms, Folyo doesn't take a cut of your project. This means your profit, clients, and projects are 100% yours.

You believe in small independent teams, not big corporations.
Any money you pay Folyo gets invested directly into a small business (and family). It goes to stuff like hosting, maintenance, buying dogfood and taking my wife to Disneyland.

You're done with the race-to-the-bottom
Folyo empowers you to work on your own terms. We're a platform, not a middle man - so we don't take VC-funding and we're not trying to disrupt the ecosystem or whatever those guys are doing.

You hate copy-and-paste
Real is better. Writing should come from the heart. Folyo's authenticity means less broken promises and poor communication.

You need to trust who you work with.
We post our thoughts on freelancing, design, programming and business on our Medium publication daily. We don't hold back so you know where we stand. Read our latest.

We are your size.
Our team is 3 people. Robert (founder and designer), Jason (programmer) and Kieranne (support).

You are protected.
Our payment system (Stripe) is crazy secure. Our terms are crazy fair.

We don’t let slimeballs use the site.
Everyone who signs up has to have a real picture and speak like a human. I monitor for this myself.

You'll spend more time with your family.
Finding your next freelancer or client is a lot of work. Every feature we've built is designed to cut down on the time it takes so you can get back to your life.

I'm here.
You can text me (Rob) if you need anything: +1–760–693–3360

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