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Owlr logo rgb 512px v2 whitebg

Sanford Dickert

Take our app to the next level - both Android and iO...

Support our current and future feature set which includes a timeline and control mechanism for going forward and...

Logosmoose kopie

Vera van Oudenhoven
Smoose BV

We want to flash Ubuntu Touch OS to the Fairphone 2....

Fully running Ubuntu Touch OS on Fairphone 2. GPS and Camera modules working 100%.


Philip G
Pico TBA

We are looking for a 3D designer to work on a corpor...

We will provide past project references for you to work on the required look and feel.


John Shutt

Ruby on Rails development for a creative gift-making...

Our focus is on writing clean, maintainable, reusable, reliable, and efficient Ruby code; Design robust, scalabl...

Vc logo

Victor Canera

We're looking for a talented Web Designer to help re...

Keeping our branding consistent, presenting a consistent and pleasant UI for our users.

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Pavel Ansari
Fibo Infotech ...

I want a talented freelance WordPress developer.

I need an expert WordPress developer for next 4 months.

Memix logo final color

MeMix LLC.

Looking to develop a design relationship for a nutri...

Visual representations that give us the credibility to secure funding.

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Tamara Khan
Kure Health

We need a logo and basic branding for our new health...

Something we can use to make a professional, trustworthy looking website.

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